One day owning a Koolie is a dream, the next she turns 2…….

One day I was dreaming of owning a Koolie, the next day she is turning 2. What an amazing 2 years we have had! Out of the 8 dogs I have owned, by far she is the easiest to live with and the most fun to work with ( Mickey – close your ears!). Everyday is a party, Everyday she is happy and everyday she makes me smile. I cant ask for any more than that from her.

I had made this movie when she was 18 months and if you have not seen it yet , you can see what and action packed life she leads. She is one lucky Koolie……

Her Agility is progressing well with finally some real training. I seem to always be full of excuses for her but she had to take a back seat for a while so I could get my cavalier Maverick up to speed for the ADAA Nationals. Maverick was the only dog I had in the advanced level to try out for the world team to compete at the World Agility Championships in Texas in May 2012.

I am pleased to say the work payed off and I made the team and Bug was a great supporter of Mav over the tryout weekend. Those that know Cavaliers know that they need other dogs around them ( if not on them) and Bug and Mav get on so well. She would be the only person in the family that actually gets him I would say. Anyway, back to Bug. I am so pleased to say she is finally doing 4 weave poles and is really enjoying figuring things out. Now I have a whole lot of life things all sorted, I can really go out and enjoy working with my Girl.

Today she has taught me that life can pass in a flash and you should take time to enjoy those moments before they go right on by.


One thought on “One day owning a Koolie is a dream, the next she turns 2…….

  1. Happy Birthday Bug – hope you got thoroughly spoilt.
    I know what you mean about time flying, Ivy turned 2 in June and it seems like only yesterday that I was picking her up at the airport.
    Congratulations on your runs with Mav too – how awesome to make a World Team, you go girl !

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