All cleaned up with no where to go.

Well the 2 x 2 has been coming along nicely.  We have been hindered by school holidays as we dont need to be adding that type of distraction to our training just yet ( kids) but have managed a few sessions.  I do love how when she misses she will actually stop and look at me, then the poles, then me, then walk to the poles like they are going to tell her the reason that the udder didnt eventuate.

We had suffered a week of severe and damaging winds here which resulted in my training paddock being inundated with sticks and leaves.  I could not just mow them in as I didnt want her to to step on broken sticks so I have spent a good 6 days hand raking my field.  I thought  I had a very small training area but alas – apparently I dont.  Well not when you have to hand rake it.

I have modified my dog walk, repainted all my contacts ( pink), had the kids out pulling up the fireweed and paid them in Gumball’s ( always works), set up my training course and then of course, the rain starts which will be here the whole week.

Now this is a bit of a worry as we need to be weaving with in the next 2 weeks so I have even more work ahead of me.  Oh well, always up for a challenge.  So at least I have everything ready to go to really start with her properly – except the weather.  Time to curl up in front of the fire with a good book and a great dog.

Today she taught me that even though its raining outside today, you can still have the best time every by chasing the sprinkler rain, hail or shine.


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