what really is a winner??????

Sometime ago my idealistic bubble was popped in a rather sad way.  I thought that most people doing dogs sports were in it for the right reason.  How naive I was after doing this sport for 20 years.  I was very saddened to find that some people moved their dogs on because “they were not winning”.  I guess on reflection, those people that have this attitude really don’t have the slightest Idea on what winning really is.

I think Bug is a winner.  I think this because she wins when it comes to being first in for a pat.  She wins for being the dog that literally makes me laugh multiple times a day ( it the Koole dag factor and those with Koolies will know exactly what I am talking about).  She wins the hogging stakes in the bed having my husband complain that with a King size bed and  koolie in it, he still has to hang his leg out the side. She wins when she seeks me out and just stands next to me for no hidden reason. I could go on about how she is a winner but you get the drift.

So what is winning?  Is it the dog that is locked away from animal andhuman contact so that it will want to be with its owner when it goes in the ring and comes home with the shinny blue ribbon – only to go back in a crate until the next event?  or is it the dog that is a part of your life no matter what and that makes your heart sing the winner.  I know my choice and actually feel very sorry for the dogs that live with the former.

Today she taught me that the best part of winning is a run on the beach, in the sun without a cloud in the sky, and she is a girl with the biggest grin who is now sound asleep at my feet. She definitely won today 🙂

So…What do you think constitutes a winner??????????


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