The light bulb moment – for me………..

There is nothing like the odd fun run when you have a dog that is sort of ready but not really to go in the ring.  I think taking them in for a bit of ring experience is a good thing providing you can work with the dog in the ring like in gamblers etc.  ADAA’s new not for competition is a great way to play in a trial environment.  Or at least that was my plan with my 2 elementary runs yesterday.

Run 1 was nothing short of a train wreck.  You know those run that you know everyone will remember and comment about what a “fun” dog she is going to be ( which is code for – you aint got a hope in hell of keeping up with her).  It was a combination of bad handling but more so not allowing us time to get it together before we went in.

Run 2 was one of those runs that was a light bulb moment for me where I realised exactly what a brilliant dog I have on my hands.  I decided last minute to not do a NFC run and put the toy away and ran the course. The course was very complicated for novice dogs but she ran very well even allowing me a very beautiful layer of a jump as she knew her job to the tunnel and was going to make sure she followed it through.  The end result was a qualification, 1st place and she did the course in 27 seconds when the course time was 45. Yes, she is going to be “fun”!

What she taught me today was that she deserves and needs a start line routine of her own and time to get her head in the game. Just another thing to add to the long list of training jobs.


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